Copper Roll Back

Product description
Copper plates are produced from electrolytic (Cu 99,9% min.) or recycled copper (Cu 98%min. recycled)in two qualities by melting or rolling. The copper rolls are produced from electrolytic (Cu 99,9% min.) copper in two qualities (Cu-ETP / Cu-DHP) in shape of a strip, band and roll. The products have a dark red, shiny and homogeny look

Specific Weight 9 gr/cm3
Color Shiny Dark Red

Soft (heat treated), Semi-hard (half heat treated), Hard (not heat treated).

Application Fields
The copper plates and copper rolls are suitable to use at any weather condition. It's used at revetment of all dome-like structure shapes, rain water drainage systems, construction of gutters and secret streams, construction of gifts, construction of bathroom boilers, construction of decorative industrial hood fumes. It doesn't need painting or maintaining. It has a spectacular look with its natural dark red color.