Ekm pH Reducer Back

Packing in 3lt. plastic packages

Product Explanation
Zinc soluble in water (Zn): 10% Low pH value.

The pH value over 7,5 on the soil makes it impossible for the plants to use the phosphor and potassium existing in the earth. The deficiency of micro and macro elements inevitable on the plants planted on soils with a high pH value and this situation results in product loss, loss of quality and to slowing or stop of vegetative development. Therefore the EKM-pH is a product to lower the pH value of the soils having a pH value over 7,5. The positive effects of EKM-pH on the plants on soils with a high pH value are listed below.

  • • EKM contains 10% of zinc in its pH composition which is necessary for plants. The zinc it contains is necessary for the development of new tissues in the plants and plays an important role for the development of fruits and it's necessary for the chlorophyll development.
  • • EKM-pH eliminates the zinc deficiency in plants and it makes them more resistant to lower temperatures.
  • • EKM-pH prevents becoming whip-like of the young shoots, becoming badge-like of the shoot tips, shortening between the nodes.
  • • EKM-pH prevents yellowing and falling off of old plants due to micro elements ad prevents the falling off of the fruits.
  • • EKM-pH enhances the texture of heavy basic soils and gives them a slack structure.
  • • EKM-pH allows the building of resistant aggregates by attaching the clay grains with organic matter.
  • • EKM-pH eliminates the negative effect of the irrigation water on the plants by stripling the salt in the water and soil. A pH value greater than 7,5 affects the environment of the plant. Therefore the CaCO3 and MgCO3 causing the high pH values must be removed.

This product builds Ca+2 and Mg+2 and Ma ions dissolving CaCO3 and MgCO3 in water. These dissolvable ions pass to sub-levels with the irritation, well and rain waters and get far from the soil surface reducing the pH.

Areas of Use, Usage Method, Dosage and Time

• Application from the soil

Gives successful results when applied on agricultural fields with high pH values(agricultural plants, industrial plants and open legume areas) 15 days before planting by spraying 10-15 liters on the surface. At fruit trees it should be used at least 60cm far from the tree.

• Application with dropping water

It gives best results applied 1-1,5litres on a decare to prevent the blockage of dropping irritation water pipes.

Resolution and Miscibility

Dissolves in water at the recommended concentration ad leaves no residuals. Can not be mixed with basic medicines and fertilizers.

Storage conditions

Store in its original package under normal conditions (cool and dry). Don't place it under direct sunlight. Date of expiry is unlimited for closed packages. Storage must be between +5 and +30 degrees C.