Ekmekçioğulları 10 Zinc Sulfate Fertilizer Solution

Ekmekçioğulları 10 Zinc Sulfate Fertilizer Solution Back

Packing Plastic packages of 1-5lt.

Product Analysis

Testler Tests Limitler (Limits)
Suda Çözünür Çinko (Zn) Water Soluble Zin (Zn) 10,0 % w/w
Paketleme Packaging 1 lt - 5 lt

1 lt = 1,2 kg
5 lt = 6 kg

Application Area
In agriculture, it's a fertilizer containing a high quota of zinc sulfate, applicable on soil or leaf, easy to absorb for the plants. Zinc Sulfate: A successful fertilizer solution to meet the zinc need of the plants. Zinc is an important nutrition to increase theplant height or branch development. The need of zinc is lower compared to other nutritions regarding the amount but if there's a lack of zinc in the soil, the yield will be low even if the other nutrition elements exist. Therefore zinc affects the amount of products directly.
Zinc sulfate increases the activity of body and branch development at the vegetables and trees, and at cereals, it increases the tillering and bolting activities. The most significant appearance of zinc deficiency are short plants. The young shoots of the trees dry up from the tip on, the leaves and fruits fall off before riping.