Emzınc® Titanium Zinc Back

Product Description:

The EMZINC® Titanium zinc and rolls are produced by alloying the %99,995 (Z1 - SHG) quality ingot zinc in EN 1179 norm with titanium ad copper while melting according the EN 988 standard. The products have a high endurance and a long life thanks to titanium and copper. the copper additive increases the endurance of zinc and gives an ideal hardness for applications. The titanium additive gives a flexible structure for temperature changes and with the flexible structure gained, they can be used on and weather condition.

Application Fields:

Zinc plates are used since the 18th century in Europe in roof revetments and rain water drainage systems. Thanks to the architectural designs and technology and with the development of new surface options of zinc, it's now also used on front revetments. Thanks to its alloy, the zinc metal ca e used in all countries on every weather conditions thanks to its resistance power and flexibility.

The EMZINC® titanium zinc plates and rolls are suitable for the use on every weather condition and roof shapes. They are used on roof and front revetments, rain water drainage systems, construction of gutters and secret streams. Thanks to their flexibility and resistance, they ca e used o ay architectural design shapes.


Thanks to its high raffination the zinc metal with 99,95% purity is purified of all heavy metals. It's a metal which is 100% recyclable. It can be recycled by melting. The energy consumption during the recycling process is lower than other metals.

The negative effects of the rain water flowing down from the constructions and thus transporting the heavy metals to the nature have been eliminated with EMZINC® produced of pure zinc which contains o heavy metals.