Iron Sulfate Hepahydrate Back

Appearance Blue-green crystals, odorless
Chemical name iron sulfate hepahydrate, sulfur acid iron (II) salt
Chemical formula FeSO4.7H2O
Packaging 25kg bag and 1000kg bigbag


Product description
It's gained with Leach Process dissolving the iron in our factory in Çorum. It dissolves fully in water. It contains 17%Fe, 19%Fe and 20%Fe (99,5% purity). Production capacity is 10.000tons/year.

Application fields
It's used in cement production, bait industry, agriculture sector, purifying of waste water and tap water(instead of aluminum sulfate)production of fertilizers, production of catalysts containing iron, purifying of dangerous wastes, chemical sector (medicine, cosmetics, and food industry, production of ferric sulfate, production of Fe-oxide pigments like black-yellow-red) and as a catalisator in chemical reactions.