Iron Sulfate Monohydrate Back


Grey-green powder and granulate odorless

Chemical name Iron sulfate monohydrate
Chemical formula FeSO4.H2O
Packaging 25kg bag and 1000kg bigbag

Product Analysis

Testler Tests Limitler (Limits)
Demir (Fe) Iron (Fe) 31 %
Kurşun (Pb) Lead (Pb) 10 ppm max
Kadmiyum (Cd) Cadmium (Cd) 3 ppm max
Arsenik (As) Arcenic (As) 10 ppm max
Civa (Hg) Mercury (Hg) 2 ppm max
Serbest Rutubet Free Moisture 0,5 % max
Çözünmeyen Madde Insoluble Matter 0,2 - 1 %

Product description
It's gained in our factory in Çorum by dissolving the iron oxides in the leach process and the gained iron sulfate solution is dried off in the Spray Dryer Unit. It's dully dissolving in water, contains at least 31% of Fe. Yearly production capacity: 5000tons.

Application Areas:
Used in cement sector, chemistry sector, agriculture sector, production of fertilizers

Specification Reach Certificate MSDS Certificate