Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate Back

Appearance White crystal odorless
Chemical Name Magnesium sulfate hepta hydrate
Chemical formula MgSO4.7H2O
Packaging 25kg bag and 1000kg bigbag

Product Analysis

Testler Tests Limitler (Limits)
Saflık Purity 99 % min
Suda Çözünür MgO Water Soluble MgO 16,26 % min
Suda Çözünür SO3 Water Soluble SO3 32,46 % min
Bakır (Cu) Copper (Cu) 10 ppm max
Demir (Fe) Iron (Fe) 100 ppm max
Kurşun (Pb) Lead (Pb) 15 ppm max
Kadmiyum (Cd) Cadmium (Cd) 10 ppm max
Arsenik (As) Arcenic (As) 15 ppm max
Cıva (Hg) Mercury (Hg) 1 ppm max
Klor (Cl) Chlorine (Cl) 300 ppm max
pH (%5 çözeltide) pH ( in 5% Solution) 5 - 9
Kızdırma Kaybı (450ºC) Loss on Ignition (450ºC) 48 - 52 %
Görünüm Appearance Beyaz Kristal (White powder)
Ebat Size <2 mm

Product description
It's produced with the latest Leach Technology in our factory in Çorum.
It dissolves in water 100% and contains Magnesium (mg): 9,65% min. dissolves in water
Magnesium oxide (MgO): 16% min. dissolves in water
Sulphur trioxide (SO3): 32%minç . dissolves in water

Application areas
Soap, detergent, cosmetics, fermentation, refractor (iron, steel), leather processing, animal health and nutrition, textile, dry chemical fertilizer mixtures,...

A healthy plant needs magnesium and it belongs to the structure of the chlorophyll molecules in the leaves. If a plant gets enough magnesium from the soil, the anion-cathion balance and pH values in its leaves develop in a healthy way. The plant can absolve its photosynthesis in a more healthy way and gets maximum advantage of sunlight and grows in this way. It gives long life fruits and vegetables with longer life. The resistance of the leaves increases preventing it from diseases. Especially in sandy soils with a longer period of potassium, calcium and ammonium is a lack of magnesium.

Specification Reach Certificate MSDS Certificate