Mangane Sulfate Monohydrate Back


Pale pink odorless

Chemical name Mangane sulfate mono hydrate
Chemical formula



25kg bag and 1000kg bigbag

Product Analysis

Testler Tests Limitler (Limits)
Suda Çözünür Mangan (Mn) Water Soluble Manganese (Mn) 31 % min
Kurşun (Pb) Lead (Pb) 5 ppm max
Kadmiyum (Cd) Cadmium (Cd) 5 ppm max
Arsenik (As) Arcenic (As) 1 ppm max
Suda çözünmeyen madde Water insolubles 0,3 ppm max
Serbest Rutubet Free Moisture none
Ebat Size <2 mm

Product description
It's produced with the latest Leach Technology in our factory in Çorum.
It dissolves in water 100% and contains 31% min. of Mangane (Mn).
It's a fertilizer eliminating the mangane need of the plants.

Application Areas
- Porcelain, glaze, ceramics
- catalizator
- Reducing agent in paint and vernic dryers
- Textile dyes
- Fungus eliminators
- Medicines
- Nutrition and diet support in food
- ore swimming
- preventing perozisin of fowl food
- fertilizator additive
There is a tight relation between the pH value of the soil and mangane convenience. The mangane absorption of mangane at soils with an high pH value is low. Therefore there is often a mangane deficiency in lime soils.
- mangane deficiency is seen at young leaves as clorose between the leaves. Additionally there are yellow dots on the leaves. - peach, apricot and plum need more mangane than the other fruits with hard seeds.
- Vine leaves have a uniform yellowing on the surface. The leaves are smaller than normal and light green.
After some time numerous little dots appear. Then the yellow areas turn to brown and the leaf dies.