Tin Back

Product Description
Manufactured tin is offered for sale as tin rod and tin anode upon ingot melting and casting.

Physical Features
It is an element in periodic table, atom number of which is 50. Its symbol is Sn. It is in silver gray color. During the melting and alloying with metals, slight vaporization is observed. It alloys with metals, gains harness and endurance.

Rod Tin
It is offered for sale in 25 kg of packages.

Tin Anode

*Minimum 250 kg of production is made.

Areas of Usage
It is used in the coating of many metals (to be protected from corrosion) as it is not easily oxidized in air and resistant towards corrosion. It takes place in tin, solder, bronze, tin and lead alloys. It is used in canister manufacturing, metal coating industry and in the production of superconducting magnets. It is used in;

  • Solder making,
  • Canister production,
  • Tin alloy production,
  • Metal coating.