Zinc Oxide Back

Appearance Odorless, white powder
Chemical name

White zinc, calamine, zinc oxide

Chemical formula ZnO

We have this product in 81-99,8% purity.


25kg bag and 1000kg bigbag

Product analysis certificate Golden Stamp

Testler Tests Limitler (Limits)
Görünüş Appearance Pudra (Powder)
Renk Colour Beyaz (White)
Koku Odor Yok (None)
Çinko Oksit (ZnO) Zinc Oxide (ZnO) % min 99,80
Kurşun (Pb) Lead (Pb) % max 0,008
Demir (Fe) Iron (Fe) % max 0,004
Bakır (Cu) Copper (Cu) % max 0,002
Mangan (Mn) Manganese (Mn) % max 0,002
Kadmiyum (Cd) Cadmium (Cd) % max 0,002
Suda Çözünen Tuzlar Water Soluble Salts % max 0,30
Nem (105ºC) Moisture (105ºC) % max 0,30
Kızdırma Kaybı (850ºC) Loss On Ignition (850ºC) % max 0,40
Elek Üstü (325 Mesh) Residue On 325 Mesh Sieve % max 0,02
Elek Üstü (40 Mesh) Residue On 40 Mesh Sieve Yok (None)
HCI’ de Çözünmeyen Insoluble In HCI % max 0,02


It has a bitter taste, looks like white powder and it's odorless. It absorbs the carbon dioxide and the ultraviolet rays of the atmosphere. It dissolves with acids and alkalis but not with water and alcohol. It's not toxic but very inflammable.

The Zinc oxide that we export to companies abroad is produced with the American process (direct process) method. Out company has a production capacity of 5-6.000tons a year and meets the needs of the ceramics, rubber, tire, paint, porcelain and fertilizer sector with its production of international standards.
Application fields

It's used in rubber industry as a speeder of the vulcanization of rubber. It gives more elasticity and more resistance. In the paint industry, it's a white pigment and chemical reactive material. It protects the paint from ultraviolet rays delaying its withering. It hardens the paint layer and prevents from molding. In the ceramics and glass industry it gives more resistance against temperature and mechanical shocks and gives glance to the material. Enhances the optical specifications of the glass. In textile industry it's used as a filler. It whitens the material and gives more strength and elasticity. Protects against mold and bacteria. In the metal revetment industry it's used as revetment on metallic surfaces as a protection against corrosion and since it gives resistance to electricity, it's used as revetment of electrical house devices. In the medicine and cosmetics industry it supports cell renewal with its antiseptic feature. It's also used in production of matches, batteries, chemical vapor.

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