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About Us

We are celebrating 55 years of continuous production.

The Ekmekçioğulları Group, based by Hüseyin Ekmekçi who founded Emek Bakır in Çorum in 1960 has widened its service field of copper plates by adding the production of ingot copper in 1976.

The process of incorporation started in the 1990's with the production of zinc plates, and as we reached the 2000's, Ekmekçioğulları Metal and Chemistry Production Plants has started up and the process of zinc alloys has started. Ekmekçioğulları became to be the leader company of Turkey in this sector in a very short time and has managed to make itself a name abroad with its zinc oxide.

The Ekmekçioğulları Group offers its services with its nearly 60 high quality products produced in its metal chemistry and zinc copper plumb factories in Turkey and in a total of 50 countries abroad in America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The Ekmekçioğulları Group continues its industrial journey in Çorum, one of Anatolia's important cites in production and investment, it keeps its quality and trustworthiness with its local and foreign participations and it continues to produce for life in the different sectors, industrial branches and industrial fields in which it offers its services.