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Our Policy of Human Resources

We work together for a life full of quality

We continue to take responsibilities within our successful and dynamic company structure and work for the future with our willing, high motivated and innovative team.

  • It's our priority to create and maintain a working environment where the workers are proud to belong to and can be creative
  • relying on trust and open communication
  • where the success is rewarded
  • a working place where responsibilities are taken to reach common goals
  • reach and maintain a working environment where the knowledge of working health and environment are established.


  • In order to maintain the success of our company we always monitor our organization, human resources, system and processes, re-structure them for the needs.
  • We hire new human resources equally from people who are able to take us forward with its values equal to ours, flexible and effecting the changes positively.
  • We create environments allowing our employees to enhance their potential and development
  • We monitor the performances of our employees with equal, systematic and evaluable performance monitoring systems where the managers can evaluate the performances of our employees
  • We reward the performances of our employees with which they contribute to the success of the company, their own success.
  • We create and develop applications to enhance the belonging of our employees to the company, with a participating, sharing, valuing the difference and creativity.

The Ekmekçioğulları Group is the choice of those who want to continue their c areers in a successful, growing, and dynamic company structure.