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Quality Policy

We Produce Quality

We promise to

  • apply the requirements of our quality management system built by considering the "environment", "quality", "employees' health and security", "technologic developments" and "full customer satisfaction" in an effective leadership, responsible management in each of the levels of our institution, enhancing its effectiveness with the participation of our employees,
  • plan our processes focusing the customer to reach a continuity in a relation of both sided benefit with our customers and our suppliers,
  • respect the regulations about the environment, use the natural sources and energy sources efficiently by creating a knowledge of environment and saving at our employees,
  • reduce our waste products, recycle, reduce the unfavourable effects of the waste products to the nature to a minimum,
  • create a healthy and secure working environment according the regulations, educate the employees individually to prevent the work accidents and work related health issues, reach the highest level of the world standards in this field and make it continuous,
  • create a  common direction between the targets of our foundation and the targets of our employees, enhance the unity feeling, enhance the motivation and create a human resource wit a sense of belonging,
  • let enhance the self development of our employees with petra programmes thus making them more efficient,
  • respect all acts and regulations regarding the protection of natural resources without giving in of our principles.